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- Effects of Magical Pen

DavidBrow Art New and Improved waterproof Magic Pen is the perfect tool for pre-drawing on skin. It is smudge proof, waterproof, works like magic under numbing cream. A Must have for all professional PMU artists. Now shop online at www.davidbrowart.com to place your order. Master David's Must Have item



- Lips Procedures

A simple clip to showcase the procedures for Lips. Long lasting lip color that does not fade and stay natural.



- Eyebrow Procedures

A simple clip to showcase the procedures for eyebrows.

6-dimensional eyebrow strokes, creating an all-natural look. Grand Master David With more than 25 years of experience and a team of trainers and staff to bring you on the best.



- Hear it from Sydney, Australia

Showcase of our intensive training workshops with guest trainer David Brow Art (David Zhang). Microblading for 6D eyebrows. Hear it from the students in Sydney.




- Get to know David Brow Art

Getting up-close with Grand Master David to find out more about David Brow Art. Hear it from the Master himself.



- Eyeline Procdures

Showcasing the procedures of eyelining with from the Master himself.



- Finest of Brows

Once again, Grand Master David Showcasing what David Brow Art do best, natural, dimensional and the finest stroke in Microblading



- Results of Nano Blades

Done with most sought after product, David Nano Blade. It comes with 15 and 17 pins with the finest 0.15mm needle tip.



- Results of Nano Blades

Done with most sought after product, David Nano Blade. It comes with 15 and 17 pins with the finest 0.15mm needle tip.



- Inspection of the Finest Brows

Many use photoshop to beautify their work, but we use live recorded footage to show you the final result our work with upmost professionalism.  



- Results from David Brow Art

Textbook microblading by Grand Master David Art. A perfect example of the brows we help you create.



- Love from Indonesia

Sharing the love from our Masterclass in Indonesia. Great bunch of student and we will be in Indonesia soon!



- Results of the Best Skill and Best Device

Grand Master David using the all new, David Contour Intercontinental. Tailored by the Grand Master David. Lets not forget about the quality, Made in Germany.  



- David at work, recorded live

Grand Master David going live once again! Doing what he do best, Eyebrow Microblading.



- Why David Brow Art

This is why you should learn with David Brow Art. We teach you more than just the techniques we have, we share our experience and findings to help you better equip yourself with useful knowledge to grow your business.



- Sneak Preview to David Stroke

This "David Stroke" technique is showcased on a synthetic skin; emphasising on the combination of gentle dimensional and perfectly shaped hair stroke arrangement. Every hair stroke is drawn with passion and precision to create a perfect arch for an aesthetically elegant shaped eye brow.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to perfectly shape natural and dimensional brows. Grand Master demands perfection in every brow he crafts, so start your journey to perfection today.




- By Student from David Brow Art

We are proud to present to you a fantastic work by our student from Guangzhou, China. This is the perfect example of hard work with David Brow Art.



- Premier of the Eyebrow Song in English at Worldwide Festival, Rotterdam

Grand Master David Zhang and the professional team and students up on stage, gracing the event. Grand Master David was an invited speaker to the event to share about Microblading. We all know the all famous Eyebrow Song” is in Chinese, and everyone is asking for it in English! So here we are, presenting it to you in English, master this, master the line combination. Speak to us for more information!