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Day 1

· Introduction of David Brow Art Techniques and Specialty

· Combination of lines

· Basic line drawing techniques and practical line drawing

· Variety spectrum of eyebrow lines and practical practice of overall arrangement of eyebrow lines.

· Techniques /usage of “David Stroke”

· Techniques  /usage of “PPL Stroke”



Day 2

· Practical and revision of line drawing and line combination

· Practical of both “David Stroke” and “PPL Stroke” techniques on synthetic skin (Latex)

· Practical practice with Magical Dimensional Eyebrow Pencil to create 3-Dimensional eyebrow

· Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for David Brow Art Microblading techniques.

· David’ “LIVE” demonstration on live model

· Certification presentation.

· Graduation photo-taking session



Day 1

· Introduction to Microblading

· Difference in Microblading and Micro-Pigmentation (PMU)

· Advantages to Microblading

· Introduction to David Brow Art tools and usage of the tools

· Skin Anatomy and common skin types

· Understanding and identifying various facial shape structure

· Understanding common eyebrow shapes, style and structure

· Identifying the best suitable eyebrow shapes for different facial structure

· Measuring the ration for eyebrows / Ideal placement of brows

· Rules to drawing dynamic eyebrow lines

· Drawing /Practice of dynamic eyebrow lines

· Combination of dynamic lines


Day 2

· Revision/ Correction to drawing of dynamic lines and combination of lines

· Arrangements of lines combination

· Various possible combinations

· Summary of Arrangements and Combinations

· The perfect degree to hold the pen

· Positioning of hand to maximize the stretch the skin (Getting a good grip)

· 1st Techniques “David Stroke” – Why and How?

· Common mistakes

· Practice on 1st Techniques on Synthetic Skin


Day 3

· Revision/ Correction on 1st Technique

· 2nd Technique “PPL” – Why and How?

· Common mistake

· Practice on 2nd Technique

· Summary of “David Stroke” And “PPL Stroke”

· Step by step on the process procedures

· Test on synthetic skin or live models

· Graduation: Presenting of David Brow Art Certificate