David Brow Art spokesperson——Cici Chen Yi Si

She is internationally known actress, international supermodel, The 18th Miss World China contest finals runner-up, The Popularity Award in China, The 9th Edition China Top-Ten superstar model.

Her commercial advertisement also includes: FOURSEASON HOTEL \ Mengniu crown yin milk \ Long Feng jewelry \ Meiling Athena refrigerator \ Crest \ Chinese toothpaste \ public MAGOTAN car \ Guangdong Double Happiness Culture \ Beauty water system \ Watson's mask \ China Southern Airlines A380 \ King shampoo \ Country Garden Real estate \ Yin Man women \ vitality of Guangdong CCTV tourism videos and other major brands.

We put together Grand Master David superb skills and his very own founding techniques with Miss Cici glamour to create the perfect eyebrow artistry.